Simple Scatter for UE4

A new plugin that will let you procedurally scatter instances on static meshes and landscapes, featuring options to refine instancing distribution.

The plugin allows users to scatter static mesh instances on level actors such as Static Mesh Actor or Landscape. Then, you can refine distribution of these instances. "It's supposed to save time otherwise spent manually painting the instances using foliage paint tool and it offers a degree of control current Procedural Foliage volume tool does not," noted the developer. 

Please note that the tool was developed for editor-time visualization and cinematic purposes and it has not yet been thoroughly tested in production scenarios. 


  • Scatter static mesh instances on top of both Landscapes and Static Meshes in a level.
  • Modify distribution of the instances based on various parameters like height, slope angle, the footprint of another mesh, material texture or distance to open splines or area of closed splines.
  • Randomize transforms of scattered instances to your liking
  • Scatter multiple meshes on multiple surfaces within one scatter object
  • Supports distance-based culling and distance fade with PerInstanceFadeAmount material node
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You can learn more and get the plugin here

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  • James

    This is awesome. The PFV in Unreal already is too powerful and not user friendly enough. It really needs a balance between simulation and ease of editing for artistic and gameplay purposes. This looks it could support the latter rather nicely. Great work!



    ·a year ago·

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