Soulframe: A New MMORPG by Warframe Developers

The game was inspired by Princess Mononoke and promises to feature slow-paced, melee-focused gameplay.

During this year's TennoCon event, Digital Extremes, the studio behind a sci-fi shooter Warframe, announced their new upcoming game – Soulframe. According to the announcement, Soulframe is going to be a melee-oriented MMORPG, inspired by such works as Princess Mononoke and The NeverEnding Story. As opposed to its predecessor, the game will feature slow gameplay, with a focus on exploration and themes of nature, restoration, and adventure.

As for the game's world, Soulframe will feature a large, open-world hub serving as its overworld and a large network of caves underneath. The cave system will be made using procedural techniques to change them from time to time. What's cool is that the use of proceduralism has been explained by the developers and weaved into the game's lore.

"The conceit [in ‘Soulframe’] is that the world itself is a little angry about what’s been done to it, and the grounds underneath tend to shift throughout the day," said DE's Creative Director Geoff Crookes in an interview with Washington Post. "So there’s going to be proceduralism within the cave networks and crevasses and so on underneath the world."

The developers commented that the game is at its very early stages and that the first playable version of Soulframe will be released within a year. You can learn more about the upcoming RPG here.

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