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Specoolar's Fluid Simulation Add-On For Blender Ran in Unity

Same algorithm – different software.

3D Artist and Game Developer Shahzod Boyhonov, a.k.a. Specoolar, delighted us with a cool new experiment, demonstrating Cell Fluids, his Geometry Nodes-powered fluid simulation add-on for Blender, running in Unity.

For those unaware, Cell Fluids is a powerful plug-in that allows its user to create interactive semi-realtime fluid simulations in Blender 3.6 LTS, 4.0, and 4,1. The developer himself describes the simulations the add-on can create as 2.5D, explaining that they are based on the scene's height field and simulated in 2D grid mesh with displacement applied to it.

Utilizing the same algorithm within a different software, the author has effectively set up a neat 1024×1024 fluid simulation in Unity, noting that the solution can also be rewritten in other engines thanks to the algorithm being engine-independent. The developer further clarified that "making an asset out of it would require too much work", indicating that the showcased "Cell Fluids for Unity" is unlikely to progress beyond its experimental stage.

Speaking of Cell Fluids, recently, Specoolar shipped the 1.6 version of the add-on, implementing the ability to revert baked Flow Maps and export Flow Maps to other programs such as game engines. You can learn more about the latest version of the plug-in by clicking this link.

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