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Surreal Scenes Made With Substance 3D & Houdini

Here's a collection of bizarre and humorous images made by Digital Artist Martin De Pasquale.

Have a look at these surreal and humorous digital portraits and landscapes made by an Argentinian Digital Artist and Founder of OD Studio Martin De Pasquale. The artist is well-known for producing bizarre images that completely reimagine reality and depict the artist turning into a staircase, dragging an oversized head, fighting his own shadow, mowing the beard with a tiny lawnmower, and such.

To create the images, the artist utilizes a huge number of various software. The list includes Photoshop, Cinema4D, 3ds Max, Blender, ZBrush, Megascans, Quixel Mixer, Houdini, and Substance 3D software. Below are some examples of Martin's works, you can check out more by visiting his Instagram page.

If you are interested in Martin's surreal projects, we also highly recommend checking out his recent interview with the Adobe Substance 3D team, where the artist discussed his approach to the works, spoke about the sources of inspiration behind the pieces, and shared some info regarding his working process.

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