The Lawsuit Between Disco Elysium Developer ZA/UM and Kaur Kender Has Been Settled

Ex-Producer has paid off all debts owed to the company and reimbursed the legal fees to CEO Ilmar Kompus for a lawsuit that was withdrawn in December.

ZA/UM, a game development studio behind Disco Elysium, has seemingly resolved its ongoing legal dispute with Kaur Kender, the game's former producer. According to the new reports, Kender has paid off all debts owed to ZA/UM and has also sold off all of his remaining shares in the company.

Moreover, in compliance with a court order, Kender has reimbursed CEO Ilmar Kompus for the legal fees incurred from a lawsuit that was eventually withdrawn back in December 2022

"I am thankful for the years of trust and cooperation with the team, which made Disco Elysium a successful project," commented Kender. "After leaving my full-time role, I filed a lawsuit which I realized, after seeing the facts, was misguided."

Moreover, ZA/UM Studio has announced that Robert Kurvitz and Alexsander Rostov, former employees of the company, have withdrawn their previous claims of unfair dismissal due to insufficient evidence. This development follows reports from October 2022, in which Kurvitz, Aleksander, and Helen Hindpere, three former creators at ZA/UM, claimed that they were involuntarily let go from the company.

UPD: Robert Kurvitz and Alexsander Rostov responded to ZA/UM's announcement, saying that it is false in multiple areas and calling it "deeply misleading".

In a statement Kurvitz and Rostov sent to GamesIndustry, the developers claimed that they remain ZA/UM's minority shareholders, noting that they, in fact, haven't withdrawn their claims, seeing ZA/UM's report "as part of a larger campaign against [them]" and planning to "pursue legal options accordingly".

Furthermore, the devs commented on ZA/UM's legal dispute with Kaur Kender, saying that they disagreed with Kender's withdrewing from the case and noting that "Unlike Kender, [they] have not participated in the looting of ZA/UM, and Kompus and Haavel have no power over [them]".

What's your opinion on the situation? Do you agree with the court's decision? Tell us in the comments!

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