'This Is Fine' Meme Turned Into a Playable Game With Unity

Play as the iconic yellow dog and put out the fire with coffee in this free-to-play game developed by Andris Gauracs.

Andris Gauracs, an aspiring Game Designer and Videographer, has presented This Is Fine: The Game, a fun Unity-powered fan project inspired by KC Green's famous comic strip.

In this game, you step into the shoes of the iconic yellow dog from the meme, with the mission to extinguish all the fires by hurling coffee cups into them before the timer runs out. According to the developer, it took roughly four months to transform the meme into a playable game.

Image Credit: Andris Gauracs, This is Fine: The Game

"One day I was looking at my favourite internet meme, and thinking to myself – boy, it wouldn't be cool to turn this meme into a hilarious video game? And so 4 months later I've done just that," commented the developer. "I want to acknowledge that this game in all essence is just a fanart project. I want to stress that the meme, the comic and the cute funny dog featured in the comic - all of this is the beautiful work done by the amazing cartoonist KC Green."

Image Credit: Andris Gauracs, This is Fine: The Game

Image Credit: Andris Gauracs, This is Fine: The Game

Image Credit: Andris Gauracs, This is Fine: The Game

The game was even approved by KC Green himself: 

Moreover, the developer has also shared a detailed breakdown revealing the production process behind the game, explaining how the character and the scene were set up, and more. You can check out the full breakdown attached below or by visiting Andris' YouTube channel.

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