TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games presented breakdown of piracy
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TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games presented breakdown of piracy
22 March, 2016

TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games found an interesting way to celebrate Punch Club crossing 300,000 units sold . They decided to dive into analysis to eveluate number of  pirated copies of Punch Club.  There are some interesting facts about how localization might impact piracy, and also a bunch of regional stats.

Revenue Split PC and Mobile


Piracy PC vs Mobile


Quick-facts from the developers:

  • Punch Club has been pirated 1.6 million times
  • 1,137,000 times is for PC / Mac / Linux
  • 514,000 times on Mobile
  • 90% of mobile piracy is Android

It appears that China doesn’t care about localization – they will pirate the game anyway.

Top pirated countries on PC, Portuguese Localization Launch Day
 Screenshot-2016-03-21-16.36.59 Screenshot-2016-03-21-16.29.24 Screenshot-2016-03-21-15.58.41

Develoeprs also took some time to estimate the % of people on that day that actually bought Punch Club in comparison with the amount of people that pirated it.


You can see Germany having the highest bought-rate, with United States and France following. We can definitely say localization into French and German paid off. However in absolute numbers it’s nothing.


Quick recap from tinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games:

  • Punch Club appeared on torrents within hours of launch
  • For every sale on PC there are 4 pirates
  • For every Android sale there are 12 pirates
  • For every iOS sale there are 2 pirates

In the end there were some revelations. Now the developers believe that they should have enabled cross-platofrm saves on launch. This way people who pirate the PC version may have converted better into buyers on mobile or vice-versa. Developers also found out that localizing games to Western European languages pays off, and has a very low piracy rate.

Source: official blog

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