Top 10 Sketchfab Works
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If it easy to get Substance working with your Rome Fantasy packs after the changes to Substance? Do we still need to read instructions to get PostProcessing set up? Any other issues with installing your packs on Unity?

by Imarhiagbe Jeffry
11 hours ago

this will be just perfect for my scene


Top 10 Sketchfab Works
1 December, 2017

Let’s check out the best 10 works at Sketchfab from the past month. A Cuphead boss, terrifying monsters, low poly dragons and more!

Cagney Carnation in ‘Floral Fury’ – Cuphead by Hadrien59 on Sketchfab

Cuphead is one of the tops games this year, so Hadrien59 has decided to prepare fan art of the flower boss from the game. 

Duriel, Lord of Pain by Lexington Dath on Sketchfab

Remember Diablo? Oh, we remember! A Diablo 2 fan piece recreating the second boss in the game.

Requiem of Magic by essimoon on Sketchfab

Entry by essimoon for the 2017 Guild Wars 2 Weapon Design contest.

Steampunk Glasses by jmrudent on Sketchfab

Everybody loves steampunk, right? 

Maneuver Combat Vehicle (MCV / 機動戦闘車) by Alexandr Zhilkin on Sketchfab

The Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle is a wheeled tank destroyer of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

Creature Box Fan Art by Alfredo Santos on Sketchfab

Model and textures Alfredo Santos made based off a creature box concept. Model with 7,664 tris and one texture set of 4k.

DOGGO 3000 by zeezee2k on Sketchfab

zeezee2k created this tripod mecha as a hard surface/Substance practice.

Wrath of the Dragon by Fabian Orrego on Sketchfab

Contribution to Medieval Fantasy Contest. The scene is about some dragons hunters who stole dragon eggs to catch the great dark dragon.

Lawbreakers – Wraith by Evozon Game Studio on Sketchfab

One of the 3D models the Evozon team has created for Lawbreakers.

Taurus 454 Raging Bull by fridock on Sketchfab

Real-time model of a famous Raging Bull revolver with PBR textures by fridock.

Source: Sketchfab

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4 Comments on "Top 10 Sketchfab Works"


Wow nice, thanks for the feature, 80lvl! 😀

I love the DOGGO 3000 😀

Fabian Orrego
Fabian Orrego

Oh thanks 80lvl!… This is awesome!

Hey there 80lvl! I made The Duriel model Up there, and its a pleasure to be featured on your site! I read articles on here on the time. Thank you!