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Tutorial: Achieving Old-School Anime Looks in Blender & Photoshop

Digital Artist Tunnel Rat shared the techniques used to turn 3D models into anime-style 2D-looking renders.

Digital Artist known only as Tunnel Rat, who earlier this month started an incredible series of projects inspired by old-school anime, has recently shared an informative tutorial explaining the techniques required to turn your 3D models into vintage anime-style 2D-looking renders using Blender and Photoshop.

In this tutorial, the artist demonstrated the entire working process from start to finish, showing how to prepare the 3D model, sharing the material setup, explaining how to set up lighting, showcasing the Photoshop workflow, and more. You can check out the tutorial attached above or by visiting the creator's YouTube channel.

And here are some of Tunnel Rat's most recent works:

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