Tutorials and Packs on Water Simulation

Check out a compilation of tutorials and materials packs that will help create a realistic water simulation. 

Houdini Waterfall Tutorial

Check out the advanced FLIP tutorial with more than 2.5 hours of video content from VFX Grace. 

What’s covered: 

  • Terrain Creation
  • FLIP Settings
  • FLIP Dynamics Correction
  • Adding Details to FLIP & Summary
  • Mesh Conversion
  • Whitewater Source Settings
  • Whitewater Simulation
  • Materials, Lighting, and Rendering
  • Compositing

Houdini ShoalWave Project

Take a look at a cool crystal clear water material.

What’s inside:

  • Wave tank ocean force field
  • Customized process of converting FLIP to Mesh
  • Whitewater Solver
  • Wet map
  • Caustics effect in compositing

Water FX in Houdini

Join the Rebelway course to update your water FX Houdini workflow. 

  • What you’ll learn during the course:
  • Creation of a system to properly wedge simulation
  • Creation of the rock splash simulation.
  • Whale jump project overview and the production process
  • Refining  the flip fluid solver setting to find the best optimal options
  • Meshing and blending the with ocean
  • Lighting and shading rock splash and whale jump scene
  • Ocean rendering
  • Techniques for creating a realistic wave motion
  • Wet map creation and more

Realistic Animated Raindrop Material

The pack’s details:

  • Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Drips + Static Raindrops)
  • Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Just The Drips)
  • Dirty Roughness Map (Single Texture)
  • 479 Frames
  • 4K Resolution
  • Bump + Roughness Map
  • Quick Tutorial Showing You How To Setup The Material With Cinema 4D & Octane Render.

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