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Uniform, a Modeling & Texturing App for iPad, Has Been Released

CozyBlanket creator, Sparseal, has finally shipped its highly anticipated asset creation program.

Sparseal, the development studio behind the iOS-based retopology and UV unwrapping software CozyBlanket, has officially launched Uniform, a new 2D/3D modeling, texturing, and rendering app for iPad, originally announced back in November.

Described as a multi-purpose, art-focused data editor, Uniform enables its users to create high poly sculpts, low poly models with textures, Normal Maps, PBR painting and layering, 2D images, and even set up final renders. The software's standout feature is its uniform, no pun intended, toolset that allows one to, for example, use the exact same paint brush to paint on a high poly mesh or a pixel art image.

Speaking of its toolset, Uniform's modular system can tackle high poly sculpting and color/PBR painting, texture painting, and Normal Map sculpting, per pixel/vertex painting for precision pixel art painting, and direct mesh topology manipulation for poly-to-poly modeling and retopology, including CozyBlanket's Pencil tool. Additionally, the software enables seam-based UV unwrapping, subdivision-based sculpting, object creation, and volume-based sketching and comes with real-time non-destructive geometry evaluators such as OpenSubdiv or Shell.

Other features include:

  • Layer stack compositor: Uniform supports layers for both displacement and color in all object types (meshes, textures, and images).
  • GPU accelerated tools: Uniform takes full advantage of the iPad unified memory architecture and GPU compute capabilities. 
  • Multi-scene workspace: Uniform supports working on multiple scenes at the same time within the same file.
  • Multi-object editing: Uniform supports editing multiple objects at the same time, even when they are of different types. 
  • Real-time renderer with support for PBR materials and NPR blending, point lights, HDRs, and automatic tool overlays.

Learn more and download Uniform here. Don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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