Unity Digest: Creating Hair and Fur

Today we've gathered top tools from Unity Asset Store for characters' hair and fluff creation. 

1. Fluffy Grooming Tool

It's a complete grooming solution for fur and short hair in the Unity Editor.

The hair shading is based on Disney's Marschner model and the solution supports all 3 rendering pipelines. The tool works similarly to Maya's xGen. Fluffy supports alpha sorting so you can use transparent materials with correct z-sorting. It works with any shader, so you don't have to create any custom shaders to use it. The solution has gravity, wind, physics.

Fluffy includes a large selection of brushes and features for grooming: Length, Width, Rotate Root, Orient, Twist, Attract, Smooth, Reset, Mask, Mask Clumps, Raise, Motion & Wind, Color painting. In addition to the in-engine grooming solution, Fluffy also supports Alembic grooms so you can import hair and fur from third-party applications like Maya, Blender, etc., and render it in Unity.

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2. Hair Designer Pro

It's a tool for generating dynamic hair and fur in the Unity Editor.

With a single component, you can paint strands on the mesh. You can add layers with different settings and materials.

With the tool, you may control the polycount, and the material settings in the same component: Shape, Colors, Density, Wave, etc. Due to the user-friendly workflow, you can create your hair texture with the included generator. Also, for each layer, hair strands are packed into a single mesh. Hair and fur are deformed in the same way as the original mesh. The animation follows bones' motion and inertia.

3. Yak - Hair system for Unity

It's a hair and fur rendering and grooming system, with the support of dynamic hairs.

The tool contains a set of compute shaders for highly optimized hair rendering and dynamics calculation. The artist-friendly grooming system has 8 different brushes for fast and easy editing of hair shape and color. The layers system allows creating multiple layers with 3 presets for fur, medium, and long hairs. Dynamic hairs work with skinning and blend shapes. Motion vector pass of HDRP is also supported. Yak contains an example scene (for URP) of the runtime hair coloring and grooming, which works on PC and mobiles. 

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