Unity Digest: Ropes and Wires

Check out 4 packs from Unity Asset Store with tools for creating various ropes, chains, and telephone wires. 

1. Wrapping Rope

A great tool for static ropes from Denis Kirillov. Wrapping Rope goes with no realistic physics, but allows easily create a long rope bending over objects.

Some details:

  • Works in the editor
  • Profile customizing
  • Fore texturing modes
  • The body of rope could be rendered as finite segments or procedural mesh
  • Elastic and swinging physics

2. Curved Lines System

Create curved lines with a generator from Indie Marc. Curved lines can be created from a defined list of points, and a smooth line can be created with just a few control points. There are three types of lines: 2D line, 3D mesh, chain.

Technical details:

  • Converts user-defined control points into a curve
  • Generates a mesh following that curve
  • Add Materials and Textures
  • Optimization parameters
  • Lightweight code (only 3 scripts)
  • Compatible with Unity Animations
  • Compatible with Unity Physics
  • Documentation & Support available

3. Obi Rope

Obi Rope system from Virtual Method helps quickly create ropes and set your own parameters of their shape and behavior. The system also uses oriented-particle technology which allows users to create twisting and torsion effects and makes the production more stable by using XPBD particles.

  • Non-linear, non-destructive rope editing using splines - get instant feedback on how your rope looks while editing it
  • Procedural smooth mesh generation using splines, complete with tangent space updating and normal map support; no need to manually generate geometry for your ropes
  • Adaptive curvature-based realtime mesh decimation: straight sections of a rope can generate simpler geometry than curved ones
  • Change rope length at runtime
  • Tearable/cuttable rope
  • Closed loops
  • Two-way rigid body interaction and more

4. Wire Builder

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Finally, a wire-building tool from Staggart Creations which allows you to easily create suspended electricity and telephone wires. You can add the connectors to GameObjects and create multiple connected wires.


  • Preset-based wire type settings
  • Per-wire adjustable sagging
  • Adjustable wire resolution per meter
  • LineRenderer or MeshRenderer wire generation
  • Animated wire shader (Standard/URP)
  • Compatible with the 2D scene view
  • Vegetation Studio tree and object removal underneath wires

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    Unity Digest: Ropes and Wires