Unity Digest: Tools for Shooter and Combat Games

Check out 5 Unity packs for shooters and combat games of various kinds. In the compilation, you can find assets that will work for beginners and those who have some experience in game development.

A high-quality character controller. The template is fast and easy to set up and gives you an opportunity to customize its features.

There are tutorials and documentation for beginners, no coding language required.

Some features of the pack:

  • Shooter Behavior & Animations (Basic & Melee features already included)
  • Projectile bullets with a trail renderer
  • Throwing objects with the Trajectory system (grenade, bottles, etc..)
  • Optional Melee attacks for Shooter Weapons
  • Advanced damage based on distance & velocity
  • Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)
  • Advanced Scope View
  • Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc...
  • Particles, Sounds, Custom Bullets to emit on attack
  • Archery System included
  • Advanced IK Adjustment System based on Weapon/Stance
  • A large number of customization to create different types of weapon
  • Secondary Shot to create powerful weapons
  • Hipfire


The template goes with Basic Locomotion and Melee Combat Templates. Find more details in the description of the pack.

A kit that will help you create any shooter game you want. The collection has assets for first-person, third-person, and top-down games.

The kit includes:

  • Universal weapon system
  • Universal character controller
  • Universal camera
  • Full body IK
  • Several characters for a single-player game
  • Walls detection
  • Inventory system
  • Pick-up and drop system and more

A pack for melee combat games. The pack goes with basic locomotion features.

  • Melee Combat Behavior & Animations
  • Use different MoveSets, Attacks, Defense, HitReaction and HitRecoil per weapon
  • Inventory Example, Collect, Drop and Destroy items
  • Simple Melee AI included as a bonus
  • Holder Manager
  • Different types of Potions to recovery health or increase health/stamina
  • Stamina Combat-Based System (optional)
  • Lock-On Target System

A great pack for creating space shooters and simulators.

What’s inside:

  • spaceship controllers
  • first-person characters
  • capital ships
  • weapons
  • radar
  • health
  • power
  • modules/layout
  • customizable input
  • AI
  • Cameras

A complete and modifiable VR system for shooters. The pack goes with notes and comments on the code in case you need some clarifications as well as an example scene.


  • Full Oculus Support (Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift)
  • Weapons (uzi, revolver, shotgun, Rocket Launcher)
  • Grenades
  • Different recharge systems (Physics, Realistic, Infinite Bullets, PumpAction)
  • Realistic levers
  • Buttons
  • Dropzones
  • Complete AI System
  • Complete Damage System
  • Melee combat system
  • Easily customizable VR hands
  • Different hand animations for each interaction
  • Free Locomotion Player Controller
  • Teleport Player Controller
  • Weapon Rocket Launcher
  • SteamVR Support
  • Two-hand weapons
  • Realistic Reload Mode Shotgun
  • Distance Grab
  • Dismember System (NEW)
  • Climbing System (NEW)
  • Unity XR Support (NEW) (Beta)

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