Unity: Experimenting with External Forces in Water Simulations

Jean-Philippe Grenier has shared a new update on his water simulations showing how he’s experimenting with external forces.

Procedural Workflows with Houdini

Check out Nikola Damjanov talking about some of the amazing CGMA content he's been building during Houdini course.

Procedural Workflows with Houdini

Stylized Environment Art and Skybox Creation

Finally getting somewhere with adding external forces to the simulation (sources, sinks, shore friction, etc). Really cool to see how dynamic objects interact with it (boat asset comes from the Unity BoatAttack project).

Don’t forget to read our interview with the developer about his water experiments:

We’re extremely happy to present an astonishing study of water systems and real-time water challenges by Jean-Philippe Grenier. Don’t forget to check out the artist’s website and follow him on Twitter.

We featured the previous update back in April when the artist added adaptive tessellation, 2.5D simulation and proper velocity matching between wave crests and simulation data.

The whole thing started as an attempt to recreate the mud and water system from Spintires MudRunner and Uncharted 4. The artist wanted to implement a small water system “to better understand the different challenges real-time water represented.”

The project is mainly based on Carlos Gonzalez’s Siggraph talk Rendering Rapids in Uncharted 4, a small demo of an idea called Wave Particles:

He then built a complex river editor with a number of adaptive parameters and features.

Make sure to discuss the editor and share your own experiments in the comments below.

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