Unity Wētā Tools Division Presents Eddy 3.0 & Deep Compositing

The newly-formed division has unveiled two new add-ons for Nuke at SIGGRAPH 2023.

In case you missed it, Unity has recently announced the launch of a new Unity Wētā Tools division, formed following the acquisitions of SpeedTree, Ziva Dynamics, and Wētā Digital, designed to craft solutions for artists to collaborate and create 2D and 3D content.

During its keynote session at SIGGRAPH 2023, the newly-formed division announced two new add-ons for Nuke – Deep Compositing, a comprehensive toolset for, you guessed it, deep compositing, and Eddy 3.0, an updated version of the gaseous fluids simulating tool, originally developed by VortechsFX and purchased by Unity alongside Wētā.

The initial extension, Deep Compositing, draws its foundation from Weta's deep compositing toolset, a staple in the studio's production toolbox for over ten years. Now, this enhancement emerges as an add-on for Nuke, introducing a collection of around 90 innovative nodes that capitalize on depth data during the compositing pipeline.

These nodes not only refine and amplify Nuke's inherent toolkit but also empower compositors with heightened creative authority over computer-generated objects, culminating in exceptionally precise final shots.

The second add-on, Eddy 3.0, is an updated version of the gaseous fluids simulating tool for Nuke. Originally developed by VortechsFX, Eddy makes it possible to work with smoke, fire, and similar gaseous fluid sims fast and interactively, enabling previously impossible workflows.

Unity states that generating special effects elements within Nuke using Eddy 3.0 offers instantaneous visual feedback, streamlining the process of creative adjustments. Moreover, Eddy 3.0 is compatible with the previously-mentioned Deep Compositing, allowing the latter to process volumetric effects generated by the former.

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