Unreal Engine Ships a New Toolset for Creating Realistic Animations

The plug-in lets you author secondary animation in Maya and recreate it 1:1 in UE5.

The Unreal Engine team has released Pose Driver Connect, a brand-new toolkit for realistic 3D animations that lets the user author secondary animation in Maya and import it into Unreal Engine 5 to recreate it as a one-to-one match, resulting in huge time savings.

Comprising a Pose Wrangler plug-in for Maya and a Pose Driver Connect plug-in for Unreal Engine, the toolset uses radial basis function (RBF) and is currently in the experimental stage of development.

Pose Wrangler allows users to generate a solver for each set of authored joints, specifying how the poses are interpolated. These solvers can then be exported in a JSON file, accompanied by poses as an FBX clip. Notably, users have the option to export poses as deltas from the default pose, enabling the retargeting of the setup onto similar characters.

Pose Driver Connect, on the other hand, lets you import the solvers and the poses to recreate the secondary animation via an Animation Blueprint, resulting in higher-fidelity characters for your projects in far less time. To better demonstrate how the toolset works, the team has also released a comprehensive tutorial explaining the functionalities of Pose Driver Connect in more detail.

"While Pose Driver Connect works on MetaHumans and other skeletal setups, it’s not limited to character animation," comments the team. "Essentially, you can drive any object’s transformation (translation, rotation, and scale) based on the rotation of any other object. And what’s more, the functionality is exposed through both Blueprint visual scripting and Python, so you can build in automation that works for your pipeline."

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