Useful Little Tools for Substance Designer
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16 hours ago

Wow, that's great. Have to try this out!

Wow beautiful environment. Very thorough and detailed. But I think there are a few images that are not showing up (error?). Is that just me? Interested in seeing those other pictures...

by Admin
2 days ago

Jack. First of all, I want to apologize for offending you. We published this just to show how the tech could be used. We don't actually care about the message. But you do bring up a viable point, that for some people - this might be an issue, so I take this post down.

Useful Little Tools for Substance Designer
8 September, 2017

Bruno Afonseca talked about the set of free Substance Designer tools, which he’s making available for all artists out there.

Hello! My name is Bruno Afonseca and I’m a 3d Artist with 7+ years of industry experience in roles such as VFX, Environment and Tech Art.

Being a bit of an early adopter and a lover of convenience and automation, I have been creating and sharing Substance Designer tools for more than 4 years now. Some of them without a clear purpose other than to challenge and amuse myself, such as the “Dither” and “Isometric Cubes” nodes, and some others out of necessity such as the “Atlaser” and “Advanced Gradients” nodes, that I use on a daily basis. 

There are currently 19 tools on my Gumroad page, and I’ll certainly add more in the future.

Regardless of my initial motivation, I give my tools the same amount of polish and care, because other people across the industry have been using them in ways I could not predict and giving me great feedback, which only encourages me to keep iterating oh them to optimize and add new features.

I provide them all for free with the source files included so people can look inside and see how I built them, learn a trick or two and maybe use that to create their own tools in the future. It is very gratifying to see how much love they’re getting, being downloaded thousands of times and being used all over the industry!

Let’s look at an example:

Inspired by the GDC 2014 Talk from Eben Cook, I created my own solution for liquid effects, which I called the Goo tool:

This tool allows me to quickly scribble a shape and get a gooey threshold map with several parameters to tweak the result, which in turn I animate via shader inside Unreal Engine:

This tool is great for creating paint, oil, honey, blood or any kind of viscous liquid you might need. You can download project files here and play around with them.

I encourage you to download and give them a shot, and let me know what you think!

You can find me at:




If you have any questions leave them in the comments or ping me directly.

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