Using Unity ArtEngine for Real-Time Filmmaking

Unity released an interview on how VRFX Realtime Studio brings stories to life.

Unity has released an interview about using their programs for filmmaking in their blog. One particular indie studio came up with the idea of creating real-time films using Unity and ArtEngine. The name of the studio is VRFX Realtime Studio. VRFX is specialized in the production of content for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Realtime Film.

As self-described “technovisual problem solvers,” the studio works with companies in a variety of industries to tailor solutions that leverage the power of real-time 3D. By gathering in-depth knowledge about their client’s customers, products, and positioning, they can collaborate closely with all parties to create the perfect visual content, be it a classic TV commercial or an AR experience for an art museum. The studio produces content that spans several formats, so the team constantly needs to stay up to date on the latest trends and find new and interesting ways to work with hardware and software. 

In the interview, you will find an extensive breakdown of VRFX's workflow behind their awesome real-time films and learn a lot about Unity and ArtEngine. Down below you can check out some of the works of VRFX Realtime Studio.

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