V.A Proxy: Dystopian Indie Game Surrounding Machine Life Forms

Unique visuals are a strong point of the game.

Image credit: PyroLith

Today, I want to show you an interesting indie project full of giant robots and aerial maneuvers. V.A Proxy is an open-world action game still in development by PyroLith. It tells you the story of three machines "as they fight in a decaying world to unravel its secrets and decide the fate of all machine lifeforms."

"As time passed, the world continued to devolve into a further state of decay, and the once everlasting megastructure started to rot from the inside out, infecting most of the fauna on the surface.

S-units are very powerful and unstable types of machines. Awakened with most of their memories gone, they had no choice but to follow the breadcrumb trail left to them by their creators to unravel the mysteries of this world."

Image credit: PyroLith

The creator likens the game to NieR and Devil May Cry with their fast-paced combat, but visually it reminds me of Kenshi and its abandoned ancient machinery stuck in the ground.

V.A Proxy offers epic fights with huge robots throwing humongous structures at you. You'll have to jump, slide, and dash to get away and secure a win. If you're skilled enough, chain attacks will keep you airborne for quite some time – impressive.

Combine melee and ranged combat to dominate the battlefield using support drones, V-Units, and a variety of cool attacks.

Image credit: PyroLith

While it's all fun and exciting, the open world that stretches into the sky is what made me curious about this game. The art style is both bright and "dusty", making me wonder about the fate of this unusual world.

V.A Proxy doesn't have a release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam and follow PyroLith on Twitter to keep yourself in the loop.

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