VR Hardware Sales Dropped to Zero
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Bit late to the game. The kickstarter got cancelled in January! :(

by koen vosters
3 hours ago

Kickstarter failed and it got cancelled?

by Madhav Bharadwaj
5 hours ago

will the course contain timelapses?

VR Hardware Sales Dropped to Zero
6 September, 2016

Venturbeat published a very interesting bit of information, they’ve found in the most recent Steam report. It seems like the VR adoption is dropping. There’s no growth in this segment. Few people actually connect their devices and play game (both Oculus VR and HTC Vive).

Image: Wired

Image: Wired

‘The number of new HTC Vive owners on Steam grew only 0.3 percent in July and was flat in August, according to a survey (via Reddit) of customers that use Valve’s distribution network. The Oculus Rift headset from the Facebook subsidiary saw similar stagnation of 0.3 percent in July and 0.1 percent in August. At this point, only 0.18 percent of Steam users own the Vive and only 0.10 percent own the Rift. And with lethargic sales, both of these high-end head-mounted displays are going to need a lot of help to catch on with audiences.’ (via Venturebeat)
Bosch-VR-Cardboard-Viewer-User-image - Copy_resize

Image: bdh.net

There were no supply constrains, yet people just stopped buying them. Venturbeat believes that the most hardcore fans have already purchased the devices and there’s not too many people left, who actually want to invest about $1000 in their VR-future. There’s also the problem of content. Not so many games out there, which can actually inspire you to make such a big investment. We’re still waiting for that killer app. Robinson The Journey may actually change this a bit – this game is absolutely amazing.

What do you think is happening?


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I’m waiting to see what Pixologic and Adobe do with VR graphics before I buy anything. Even though I tinker in game dev I have no interest in VR gaming.

Samuel Conlogue
Samuel Conlogue

You have to also consider all the non-game uses of VR which helped drive sales early on. We own both the Vive and Oculus and use them for design visualization in VR, 360 animation etc. We pre-ordered and will only buy more sets as needed and largely don’t play games with them… too much… I know many folks who did the exact same thing. That user group is likely tapped out and looking for the next advancement in VR tech. I know we’d buy a Tango tablet in an instant for example. Curious about Google’s Daydream platform etc.


You need new hefty PC and headset itself is also very expensive, so no surprise.
I’m independent developer and need it asap but still waiting out to get something that’s affordable.

Pavol Lesňák
Pavol Lesňák

games for VR