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VR-Plugin for Maya

Have a look at VR-Plugin for Maya users that is said to offer a production proved tool-chain to create projects for virtual reality.

Have a look at VR-Plugin for Maya users that is said to offer a production proved tool-chain to create projects for virtual reality. The toolkit provides 360-degrees of freedom and lets users see 3D assets in VR instead of a 2D screen.


  • Use VR-Plugin to create prototypes for pitching products like Games and Apps. Enjoy the real-time preview in VR and render out with your preferred render plugin later. No need for 3rd party engines and no export required.
  • Set up stereoscopic cameras in real-time to create the best possible experience for the spectator.
  • VR-Plugin makes full use of the DirectX11 and OpenGL lighting and shading options. You will benefit from the Asynchronous Timewarp when Maya gets too slow.
  • Use a customized Maya VP 2.0 to review your work in Virtual Reality. The Mirror-Viewport enables others to observe your actions on the 2D monitor.
  • The possibility to adjust and preview settings directly in the 3D environment gives you much more control over your creation.
  • Don’t waste your time with exporting or switching between applications. Your final product will benefit from a 1:1 conversion to Engines like Unity3D, Unreal or Stingray.

The stereoscopic view gives you a precise and natural impression of distance and scene scale. You experience the whole depth of 3D in the most intuitive way.

All Virtual Reality device movements can be easily recorded as camera animation.

Speed and performance are the biggest advantages of the Maya Viewport 2.0

Use Virtual Reality and benefit from full DirectX11/OpenGL lighting and shading support. VR-Plugin transforms your workspace to virtual within seconds – no export required.


You can now get the free 30-day trial and start building your VR projects in Maya. 

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