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Developer of motion capture platforms and tools that enable augmented and extended reality productions using AI and computer vision

Move.ai, which enables users to create studio-quality motion capture using artificial intelligence software has opened up to allowing any type of HD camera to be used on the platform following a significant number of beta users having success with generic cameras, Androids, and web cameras.


Move.ai makes it easy to bring realistic human motion to animated characters by turning 2D video into 3D motion data with proprietary technology that uses advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics.


The Move One iOS App makes it easy to capture and create 3D animations with just a phone.

Move Multi-Cam is a markerless motion capture that enables studios and brands to capture high-fidelity motion data anywhere without suits or expensive hardware.

The Invisible solution combines Move’s real-time markerless motion capture software with the disguise platform

Move.aiRecent articles

Creating a Parody The Last of Us Video Using Move.ai and Unreal Engine 5

Cinecom's Jordy Vandeput elaborated on the creation process of The Last of Us project, delving into the steps involved in the Move.ai workflow and sharing insights on the utilization of Unreal Engine 5 during the project development.

Move.ai Opens Up to Androids, Webcams, DSLRs & Action Cameras with Experimental Mode

Move.ai has added experimental mode allowing anyone to use the system with any type of HD camera – from $30 webcams to all Android, DSLRs, and action cameras.

Move.ai's Markerless Motion Capture Software is Now Available on App Store

The app works with most iPhones, from the iPhone 8 onwards, up to the latest iPhone 14 model.

Move.ai Launched an iPhone Beta App for Free Markerless Motion Capture

The Move.ai app has now launched in beta, dramatically lowering the cost of high-quality motion capture.

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