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A New Method of Hiding Seams Between Hex Tiles

Morten S. Mikkelsen proposed a new way of working with hex tiles.

If you are a Game Developer working on a large surface area using hex-tiling, here's a new method you should definitely adopt. Developer Morten S. Mikkelsen demonstrated a new way of working with tiling textures without histogram-preservation, which allows to sample the original source texture. According to the author, the method is an adaptation of the original work by Eric Heitz and Fabrice Neyret, as well as Thomas Deliot and Eric Heitz, and allows to hide seams between hex tiles in a more practical way.

"The original approach preserves contrast using a histogram-preserving method which requires a precomputation step to convert the source texture into a transform– and inverse transform texture which must both be sampled in the shader rather than the original source texture. Thus deep integration into the application is required for this to appear opaque to the author of the shader and material," states the developer." In our adaptation, we omit histogram-preservation and replace it with a novel blending method that allows us to sample the original source texture."

You can learn more about the demo and access the code here.

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