A Realistic French Alley Made With Photogrammetry & UE5

3Dystopia shared yet another environment that blurs the line between real and unreal.

Photogrammetry Artist Olivier Mourey, a.k.a 3Dystopia, continues the series of ultra-realistic 3D scenes based on real-life French locations. This time, the creator presented Hacking Reality, an extremely-lifelike alley environment recreated in 3D using RealityCapture and Unreal Engine 5 in just ten days. According to the artist, the scene is based on 1,500 pictures and was rendered with ray tracing in 4K resolution in 15 minutes.

"It took me ten days but I spent almost half thinking and learning how to get better rendering for this environment, as each environment is a new challenge for me," commented 3Dystopia. "This 3D scan was not easy, long hours spent on cleaning all the messy surfaces of the top because I took pictures from the ground only and had to reconstruct all the roof details."

And here are the author's earlier works:

If you would like to learn more about 3Dystopia's stunning works, we also recommend reading our recent interview with the artist, in which he walked us through the entire working process behind Reality VS Unreal Engine 5 project, the first one in the series, explaining how the scene was recreated with RealityCapture and rendered in UE5.

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