Advanced Interactive Foliage System for UE4
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by Rowlan
8 min ago

If you go for Unity and Biomes, as you wrote in your article, please do support Vegetation Studio Pro. Your work is awesome, can't wait to see it on the store.

by Dara Burke
1 hours ago

Great breakdown of the process and optimization, thanks for sharing.

This article just not only provides great tools for level design. It's also useful vocabulary to express ideas with our team.

Advanced Interactive Foliage System for UE4
13 September, 2018

Check out a purely shader-based interaction system for realistic looking foliage interaction with the player in UE4. The Advanced Foliage Interaction System uses the Pivot Painter 2 tools and custom functions to fake physically accurate collisions with grass and plants using Vertex Animation. The system features 3 Foliage Archetypes (Short Grass, Tall Grass, and Advanced Hierarchical Plant), also bringing 6 example Foliage Types.

Check out the documentation to learn more about the system.

Coming Soon:

  • More example plants
  • Interactive Tree Foliage Type
  • Mobile support


  • Advanced character-foliage interaction
  • No physics calculations
  • Vertex animation to fake physics
  • No mesh stretching/warping
  • 3 Foliage types (Short, Tall and Advanced)
  • 6 Example foliage meshes
  • Modular shader to work with custom foliage meshes

Number of Blueprints: 1 Component, 3 Materials, 6 Material Instances, 6 Static Meshes

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBOX

Get the pack


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3 Comments on "Advanced Interactive Foliage System for UE4"


Very nice work! Would love to see a tutorial on the vertex animation and some more info about the hierarchical plants.

I think the price is fine.


Share some links with these techniques, plz.


Very expensive really. You can make pretty good shaders for this just by browsing the forums or youtube. Not quite as accurate, but pretty good for free lol

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