Ambient Lighting System for UE4
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can stop posting this kind of low-quality 'showcase' articles? If I wanna find showcase/reel, I can find them easily on Viemo, cgsociety. Everyone know houdini can be used to do destruction, simulation, etc. there is no need to show another destruction unless posting a helpful 'tutorial'. However, this is not.

Can it produce quads, too?


Ambient Lighting System for UE4
7 February, 2019

Have a look at full ambient lighting system for Unreal which is basically a much cheaper alternative to point lights for ambient/bounce lighting.

This pack features a fully functional ambient/bounce lighting system which is as a cheap replacement for point lights, offering the same look. It is a nice cheap way for designers/artists to set up lighting for your environments and add some good ambient/bounce lighting using a system that is similar to regular point lights without some of the issues and performance costs.

  • Ambient Lights can overlap as many times as needed with zero additional performance costs.
  • Ambient Lights can be any size and effect extremely large areas or very heavily detailed areas with zero additional costs.
  • Ambient Lights are fully dynamic and can be updated in real time in a game.
  • Unlike point lights, the ambient lights will not create bright points in reflections.
  • Built-in tools allow designers to automatically replace point light actors with Ambient Lights, automatically copying all settings over.
  • Ambient Lights also support ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering.
  • Ambient lights properly occlude and only render while on screen.
  • Lights provide the ability to toggle to a lower quality light mode when far away, making the lights cost around half as much while in the distance.


  • Work with ambient lights exactly like you would point lights
  • Ambient Lights look nearly identical to regular point lights at a much cheaper cost
  • Lights offer High/Low-Quality settings, Low Quality cuts the cost nearly in half
  • A built-in tool that allows designers to replace regular point lights with ambient lights automatically

You can learn more here.

Get the pack for $19.99

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