Ash of Gods: Banner Saga Inspired Mix of Genres
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It'd be great to see some kind of tutorial with tips how you made it.

by Atakan Gürkan
1 days ago

How can you make planets? Is it hard

by lesa cote
2 days ago

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Ash of Gods: Banner Saga Inspired Mix of Genres
24 May, 2017

Ash of Gods developers are not shy of their inspirations. On their Kickstarter page they proudly say that their project is heavily inspired by The Banner Saga series. They also drew a lot of cool ideas from Japanese visual novel games and The Darkest Dungeon. It’s got rich animations beautiful design and some really cool gameplay mechanics. The game is being developed with Unity. The team is aiming for the initial release on PC.

Ash of Gods puts an emphasis on roguelike storytelling. All the choices you make and all the paths you take will affect the story and the world around you. Just like in Banner Saga, your time and resources are limited. You decide who lives and who dies, just to keep going forward.

The developers also created a pretty interesting tactical system, which is very responsive, but it quite unpredictable. It’s a mix of classical tactical battles with some card-based combat. Needless to say, it’s also going to be tough as nails.

But the coolest thing for us is the gorgeous visual style. It’s nothing new, same Banner Saga mix of slightly animated characters and beautifully animated fighters. But it’s done on a very high level. Great quality, you don’t expect from such a tiny team.

So these guys need $75k to make things fly. So far they only managed to gather $6k. Let’s hope this story will have a happy ending.

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