BulletFX 4.0: Get Your Physics Running in Max
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BulletFX 4.0: Get Your Physics Running in Max
14 July, 2016

If you’re working with 3DS Max, there’s a high chance you’ve already heard about AlphaVFX GPU-accelerated BulletFX plugin. It’s a very interesting tool that allows you to generate all those crazy effects in CGI films and animation.

BulletFX is a full GPU accelerated physics engine. BulletFX is a out-of-the-box multi physics solver for 3DS max. BulletFX is one of the first of its kind to fully use the GPU to compute simulations. Fast, quick and easy to use and it exports to most major 3D platforms. BulletFX can solve large scale and small scale fluid simulations with our OpenCL Flip Fluid Solver. Muscle and Skin simulations can also create quick and easy with BulletFX. Useful for riggers and character TD’s and also VFX TD’s looking to simulate skin deformation on characters.

Official Website

The newest version has some interesting features, including co-rotational FEM simulation, narrow band FLIP fluids, strain-based dynamics, V-Ray rendering support. Plugin also became much easier to use and more friendly to animators.

The greatest thing is that BulletFX 4 is free release for all users who already own a BulletFX 3 license. However the plugin itself is not a cheap. It’s about $320.

Source: alphavfx.com

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