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Celebrating Independence Day with Cubebrush

Let’s celebrate the 4th of July together with Cubebrush! We’ve collected a few time-proven tutorials from the best of the best with 20% off!

Let’s celebrate the 4th of July together with Cubebrush! We’ve collected a few time-proven tutorials from the best of the best! Use code JULY4 for 20% off everything. The offer expires on the 4th of July at 11:59 pm PST.

Tutorials by Simon Fuchs

Simon is a Senior Environment Artist working at Blizzard on Overwatch hence he has a lot of experience in designing props for AAA games and can be relied on in this question. He did best to gather all his knowledge and put it into three comprehensive tutorials teaching how to build high-quality Military Radio, Turret gun, and Handgun. Each tutorial lasts from 28 to 50 hours and provides clear insight into every stage of prop production from the software overview (suitable for beginners) and blockout to rendering and presentation. Tutorials are designed both for beginners and intermediate artists and contain all the scripts, hotkeys, and shortcuts picked up by Simon during his career.

*Simon has recently had an interview with us and talked about his Handgun tutorial in detail. You can read about it here.

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Turret Gun $44

Tutorials by Loish

Loish is known for her soft watercolor-ish character art that carries in itself incredible tenderness and depth. In her tutorials, Loish teaches how to approach a digital painting, female body design, and portraiture using the methods utilized in her own artworks. The tutorial will best suit advanced artists who have good knowledge of Photoshop.

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Creating a Digital Painting $15+

Tutorials by Sergio Suarez

Sergio is an Environment Artist with some background in illustration and concept art who has an astonishing portfolio full of fantastic 2D artworks (a great source for inspiration!). He created a few quite cheap tutorials (they all mostly cost 5$) that introduce artists to environment concepting and painting. His 3-part tutorial Quick Start to Environment Painting deserves special attention: it focuses on fundamentals of the concept art (such as shape language and composition), color and lighting work as well as how to merge all the skills developed into a successful artwork. Environment Painting for Intermediate also has 3 parts and continues the first series demonstrating a more complex workflow and developing your skills further.

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Tutorials from Marc Brunet

Finally, a set of amazing tutorials from the founder of Cubebrush himself! Marc created a list of ULTIMATE tutorials that teach Anatomy, Mech Design, and building a career in the industry as well as organized Art School, shared CHEAT brushes and much, much more. Can’t get enough of it.

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