Courses for Character Artists on Gumroad

Check out 6 Gumroad classes from the character artist Raf Grassetti on creature design, anatomy, and 3D printing. 

A 6-hour class covering the process of recreating Yoshimitsu during which Raf Grassetti shares all his knowledge of 3D art and printing.

The class is divided into 4 parts: 

  • Yoshimitsu project breakdown/timelapse
  • FInishing the Yoshimitsu model and prepping it for 3D Printing
  • Cleaning up the meshes
  • Software for 3D Printing and some examples of failed prints

The class covers the creature design process in ZBrush. From the live demonstration, you will get the full overview of the character creation, answers to the questions asked by students, and industry and portfolio tips. You do need basic knowledge of the software. 

The pack includes 4 videos on creature design, files from the workshop, and answers to 60 general questions asked during the class. 

The videos cover: 

  • Reference and Blocking out the character
  • Cleaning up and detailing
  • Detail and Hair
  • Render and composing

A 4-hour class demonstrating the full process of sci-fi design in ZBrush. It is a 2-days live demonstration of the workshop with notes and timestamps included. During the class, Raf covered the full process of working on a sci-fi design in ZBrush, shared some industry and portfolio tips, answered questions from students. The class does require basic knowledge of ZBrush since there is going to be a workflow overview only, without any introduction to the software.

The pack contains a 5-hour tutorial on Character Anatomy and Design in ZBrush. The tutorial covers each step of the production, from sculpting to rendering.  Basic knowledge of ZBrush is required. The tutorial goes with auto subtitles in English and Portuguese.

6. Anatomy Tutorial Package

The pack goes with a free Ecorche ZTL model and over 4 hours of anatomy study in ZBrush. It covers everything you need to know when creating a male character, including working on the facial details.

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