Creating Holograms With Blender & Voxon's Volumetric Display

These magical-looking projects were made by the Voxon Photonics team.

If you are looking for a way to get your 3D projects to a whole new level and impress everyone with something rarely seen, here's a mind-blowing piece of tech that you should definitely check out. Meet VOXON VX1, Voxon Photonics' 3D volumetric display that can be used to create hologram-like projections of your 3D projects that can be viewed from various angles without any headsets or additional tools.

Powered by the company's Voxon Photonic Engine, the display is capable of recreating a model of the scene using millions of points of light and turning it into hundreds of layers that are then projected one at a time onto a specially designed high-speed reciprocating screen, creating something that looks like a hologram inside a glass box.

Over the past years, the Voxon Photonics team shared countless short videos demonstrating how the display can be used in combination with various 3D software. Just recently, the team showcased how they used Miettinen Jesse's Geometry Nodes-powered Offroad Rig Generator to produce a marvelous "hologram" of a car driving on rough terrain.

"I used baked lighting to create working headlights and exported them as an OBJ sequence before loading them into a Voxon Photonics VX1 Volumetric Display," reads the video's description.

And here are some more videos shared by the team, you can check them out by visiting Voxon's YouTube page:

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