Creating Realistic Cities in Blender
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3 hours ago

Nice work and thanks for the breakdown! Always interesting to see someone else's approach to a scene, and the new/different methods they use and/or come up with :)

by Tom DArch
5 hours ago

There are no pdf's of the updated versions available for download!

6 hours ago

3D Stylized Environment looks every time beautiful today this is my subject on that I have to Do My Dissertation and bring some new information with our reader.

Creating Realistic Cities in Blender
26 May, 2017
Steve Lund from CG Geek is a true guru of Blender. The artist has shared tons of guides to all aspects of the tool on his Patreon. One of his tutorials focuses on the creation of large-scale cities. How does one build an entire city from scratch? It must be so difficult! Actually not that difficult. Here’s a video guide that will help you create an evening city colored by the setting sun. 

Having a hard time figuring out some steps? You can study Steve’s city if you become his $3+ patreon. What is more, you’ll get tons of other guides and files that will help you master Blender. 

Here is the final result:

Check out his Patreon

Looking for some other guides? Let us know and we’ll help you in no time! 

Source: CG Geek

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