Fig Announces Acquisition of Ownage
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Those animations look amazing!! Great job!

Very cool review of the making of Spellbreak. Would be even more cool to see some videos inside UE4 showing how they do a few very specific things unique to them.

This was so helpful for me. I'm hoping to adapt your tutorial to pull off something similar comparing modern satellite imagery with historical maps. No topo, so my steps should be simpler, but I'm a novice with Blender and you've really helped. Thanks!

Fig Announces Acquisition of Ownage
31 May, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 31, 2018) – Fig, the community publisher behind such games as Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Phoenix Point and Wasteland 3, announced the acquisition of Ownage, Ltd., a UK-based blockchain development company. The team is now working at Fig to build Shard, an open, decentralized platform for digital publishing. Its principals, Alex Amsel (founder of Tuna Technologies) and Jack Du Rose (co-founder of, have joined Fig, and Adam Powell (founder of Neopets) has provided initial funding support for Shard.

“Shard seeks to accomplish what we set out to do with Fig, center the publishing process around the people who are most passionate about the properties being created – the community,” said Justin Bailey, Fig’s CEO. “Shard will be offering a unique community-based approach to the funding, engagement, and cross-promotion of games. We’re really excited to add the talents of Alex, Jack and the Ownage team to help Fig develop this platform for the games industry.”

To launch and build engagement with the Shard platform, Fig plans to work with established game developers and brands. Fig Publishing, Inc., Loose Tooth Industries’ subsidiary, has previously announced that it is working with the Gygax Trust to bring unpublished works of famed creator Gary Gygax to life, and is planning to allow the developer to use Shard to leverage these works and bring gamers new and deeper gameplay experiences.

Since Shard will be an open, decentralized platform, “owned” by the community of developers and gamers, all game developers will be able to use Shard regardless of whether they run a Fig campaign.  Fig will also be using Shard and integrating it in Fig campaigns. “While Fig is sponsoring the development of Shard as an open, decentralized platform, it can be used and modified by publishers, developers and gamers completely independently of Fig. Fig intends to support the growth of the Shard community throughout its early development, with a focus on working with game developers to explore new innovations and opportunities enabled by the platform,” remarked Alex Amsel, Creative Lead for Shard.

Interested parties can sign up here for more information Fig will be sharing further details as it develops the Shard platform.

Since its inception in August 2015, has had four of the top 10 most funded video game campaigns: Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity 2 ($4.4M), Psychonauts 2 ($3.8M), Wasteland 3 ($3.1M) and Phoenix Point ($766K). More than 10 new games that funded on Fig will launch during 2018, including the follow-up to Obsidian’s Game of the Year title, Pillars of Eternity 2, Julian Gollop’s Phoenix Point, and a battle royale on Switch, Crazy Justice. Recently Fig Publishing, Inc. revealed Fig Game Share investor returns for its first four released games.

About Fig

Loose Tooth Industries, Inc. (dba Fig) empowers developers and passionate fans alike to bring well-known franchises and undiscovered indie titles to market. On, the community is the center of the publishing process, and the focus is on the successful development and commercial viability rather than solely on the funding campaign. In Fig campaigns, developers raise funding from the community of gamers and investors, who can pledge for a reward and/or invest in Fig Game Shares that pay a return based on the game’s sales when it releases.

Over 20 games have successfully funded on Fig, from high profile campaigns for Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, inXile’s Wasteland 3, Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2, Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point and Interabang’s Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch to innovative indie games including Kingdoms and Castles and Crazy Justice.

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