GauGAN360: A New Version of NVIDIA's GauGAN Released in Beta

The new version can generate 8K, 360-degree panoramas.

At SIGGRAPH 2022, NVIDIA presented a beta version of GauGAN360, a soon-to-be-released update to their GauGAN AI, a model capable of turning rough sketches into realistic images. Powered by PoE-GAN, the new iteration of the AI can generate 360-degree panoramas in 8K quality, bringing even more possibilities to the existing tool. Moreover, generated panoramas can then be ported into Omniverse scenes, allowing for even more interconnection between NVIDIA products.

Since this is only a beta version, the tool has a simplified UI and fewer features than its previous iteration, GauGAN 2, lacking the ability to turn text inputs into images. Presumably, the tool will be further improved down the line.

The newly-released AI is only a part of the new tools and programs introduced by NVIDIA during the aforementioned conference. Besides GauGAN 360, the list of new SDKs revealed by the company includes NeuralVDB, a ground-breaking update to industry standard OpenVDB, Kaolin Wisp, a Pytorch library establishing a framework for neural fields research, 3D MoMa, a new inverse rendering pipeline that allows users to quickly import a 2D object into a graphics engine, and more. You can check out the full list by clicking this link.

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