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Gennaro Esposito: Using MODO for 3D

We’ve talked with Gennaro Esposito about the way he uses MODO for his 3d work. Gennaro showed the universal nature of this tool, which can solve a lot of problems with 3d production.

We’ve talked with Gennaro Esposito about the way he uses MODO for his 3d work. Gennaro showed the universal nature of this tool, which can solve a lot of problems with 3d production.



Hi guys, my name is Gennaro Esposito, I am Italian 3D Artist specialized in Hard Surface Modeling for VFX and Games. Now I am working as a 3D Artist for Gadget-Bot Studio in Los Angeles on a short film called “Konnexion”.

I worked on commercials Razer like Modeller Hard Surface for CUM Studios in Singapore with a cool team. I live in Naples (ITA) and I have founded a CG academy, called Digital Shark Academy. I’ve been a MODO Certified Trainer for 2 years. My passion are weapons and sci-fi vehicles.

Your workflow is very interesting, cause you’re mostly using MODO for your production. Could you talk a little bit about your choice of the software, what does it do and how does it help you to solve your daily challenges?

I started using MODO from 501 version, I used Maya before, but in MODO all is very easy and fast. Modeling is amazing, very cool render engine, the preview render help me a lot in production.


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From the start I work on base mesh, this base mesh hard surface is made with primitives and simple boolean approach. After that I work on retopology to have a good topology for production and to work on the correct uv layout. To have a perfect model it is important to work on correct BlockOut, the basic volumes are the key to the success of the final model.


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What are the most useful tools for a modeler in Modo? How can this software help you to cut the production time and build content faster?

My best tool is the bevel; inside MODO the bevel tool can do a lot things: Bevel edge, Extrude face, inset mesh for example. Very cool tool is MeshFusion – with this tool you have a boolean approach but you can work with Subdivision Surface. I do all in MODO but sometime I can use others software like Zbrush, UVLayout and Mari for texturing.


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For Taekewon V project I only used MODO, I’ve done the model , unwrap and lookdev. The shader tree in MODO is very fast, the approach is same as in Photoshop more less. Inside Shader tree there is all you need.


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For my render I use the classic 3 points light set, to have a reflection effects I use HDRI inside Environment. I use Photoshop for details and final color correction. The last MODO version has great tools for real time workflow. Inside MODO the artist has a Game Tools panel, where you have all tools for realtime approach, very fast and good for your work on baking map.

Game asset: 




The Foundry with MODO10 series gave us a strong sign. Real Time approach is the future and the present for MODO.

Gennaro Esposito, 3D Artist/ MODO Certified Trainer

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  • Amigo

    Gave up my Modo 11 license for Maya LT when I told the Foundry to stick it, horrible support and takes forever to get a refund assuming they give you one. I think Modo is nowhere on the same playing field as anything Autodesk, its a buggy modeler with quirky tools at best and yes has a terrible interface I prefer Maya's interface over it. Also, Foundry's license is too expensive for what they offer. For $500 a year you get the privilege to own a single seat license assuming you already own a previous full license. However, with Maya LT you get a free game engine and for $100 more you can add Mudbox to your rental basically you pay $400 for a year for the whole bundle and can cancel anytime. I would say you get more bang for the buck with Maya vs Modo, only advantage you have with Modo is if you cancel your sub you get to keep the last version of Modo pre-updates or until you decide to pay again. With Autodesk software, you lose your right to the rented software the moment you cancel. The other advantage Maya has over Modo is a free community and free learning material, with Modo expect to pay a premium for both depending on your needs. Making learning Modo practically useless you see plenty of renders and advertisements but no one actually using it in real production, its market cap is even smaller than Blender's and that is saying a lot.



    ·5 years ago·

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