Grooming in Blender with 3D Particle Brush

The VFX Grace team has developed a powerful hair brush tool that can distinguish complex muscle surfaces of models and help to groom hairstyles in Blender.

3D Particle Brush is a powerful hair brush tool that provides artists with a time-savvy solution to groom hairstyles in Blender. The toolset includes well-desinged brushes presets for creating different hairstyles and grooming your characters faster. This toolbag is developed by VFX Grace, a team of artists devoted to creating 3D models and character models with Blender.


  • Auto Switch: When enabled, the brush is toggled between 3D mode and 2D mode when it’s on or off the geometry. When disabled, there is no brush when it’s off the geometry.
  • Brush Scale: When enabled, the brush can keep its scale in 3D space. When disabled, the brush can keep its scale in 2D space.

Brushes included:

Comb brush

When Preserve Root Length is unchecked, guides can be moved along the surface of geometries. If you want to move the guides away from the surface, you can select the default Comb brush. 

Smooth Brush

Length: Smooth the guides to make them average in length.

Length Brush

Target Length: It’s the limit when the guides are lengthened or shortened.

3D Puff Brush

Weight Brush

Increase, Decrease, Smooth: Modify weight smoothly.
Strength: The strength of the weight brush.

Orient Brush

Orient brush only changes the orientation of the guides while keeping the original shapes. With the Curve enabled, the guides will be bent slightly.

Bend Brush

Part Brush

It only modifies the orientation of the guides, keeping the shapes of the guides.

Color Brush

Group the guides by different colors to avoid repeated selection.
The color groups can be edited.

Running Environment:

  • Windows 10: Blender 2.93, 3.0
  • Ubunto 18.04&20.04: Blender 2.93, 3.0

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