Gumroad Deals: UE4 Environment Packs from Leartes Studios

See 5 packs with assets, modular meshes, materials, decals, and blueprints based on amazing UE4 environments. 

Merlin's Cave

Merlin's Cave is a UE4 environment created by Lea Kronenberger that won the 1st place in the ArtStation challenge The Legend of King Arthur. In collaboration with Leartes Studios, Lea created a pack with models, blueprints, decals, and materials used in her scene that can be used for Medieval interiors, caves, dungeons, themed locations, and level art.

  • 135 detailed game-ready models
  • 17 decals
  • 23 blueprints
  • Blendable rock meshes
  • 117 material instances and materials with adjustable parameters
  • 152 textures (2048, 1024, 512)
  • Collision
  • 3 LODs for complex assets
  • Unique concepts for assets
  • Supported engine versions: 4.24 , 4.25+
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Read the breakdown of Lea's environment in our article:

1970's NYC Alley

1970's New York City Alley is a UE4 scene created by Victor Ullmann under the mentorship of Ryan Benno. The pack published by Leartes Studios includes the props, building parts, roads, decals, and materials used in the environment. 

  • 115 detailed meshes
  • 122 materials and material instances
  • 3 blueprints
  • 66 decals
  • 283 textures (1k, 2k)
  • Collision and LODs
  • Unique concepts for assets
  • Supported engine versions: 4.22, 4.23, 4.24, 4.25+
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Note from the publisher: due to a known engine bug with vertex painting, a warning may be displayed about spending 0.0s repairing painted vertex colors. This warning can be removed by manually resaving the level.

Read about the production of this environment in our article:

Nordic/Viking Landscape

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Nordic/Viking Landscape pack is based on Antonio Bravo's 3D environment and includes generic meshes, shaders, and materials that perfectly fit organic environments. The scene goes in sunny and snowy versions, with water shaders, customizable maps, and paintable materials for grass, rock, snow, and other surfaces.

  • 16 optimized meshes
  • Landscape and landscape painting options
  • 21 materials and material instances (including snow, grass, rock, pavement, and ground)
  • 43 textures (4096, 2048, 1024, 512)
  • Collision and LODs
  • Supported engine versions: 4.21.2, 4.22, 4.23, 4.24, 4.25+

The Rally Point

The Rally Point is a modular environment made by Guillaume Hecht in UE4. The pack from Leartes Studios includes a big variety of high-quality props, modular pieces, materials, and decals used in the scene.

  • 257 unique models
  • Modular building meshes
  • 13 decals
  • 27 blueprints
  • 183 materials and material instances
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Read about the production of this scene in our article:

Feudal Japan War Room

War Room is a UE4 environment made by John Teodoro for the ArtStation challenge Feudal Japan. The pack published by Leates Studios in collaboration with the artist includes weapons, sculptures, interior elements, armor as well as textures and materials used in the scene.

  • 30 unique meshes
  • 80 materials and material instances
  • 2 decals
  • 126 textures (2K)
  • Collision and LODs
  • Unique concepts for assets
  • Supported engine versions: 4.23, 4.24, 4.25+
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