Hard-Surface & Low-Poly Models & Tileable Maps

In today’s digest, we’ve gathered three creators who publish amazing packs on Unity Asset Store and Gumroad: low-poly and hard-surface models, and tileable materials and maps.

Low-Poly Models by Synty Studios

Synty Studios is a well-known source of awesome low-poly characters and assets – they create dozens of packs on various topics from Samurai and Pirates to House and Shop Interiors. They have literally everything you need to assemble a nice-looking low-poly style game or scene. Check out their reel to have a better idea of their models:

They have also recently shared a small video showing their worlds working together on Reddit, you can check it out here. Currently, they are having a 50% off discount on their store, so be quick!

Hard-Surface Assets by Muscan Mihai

Muscan Mihai is an environment artist who self-studies 3D art and creates fantastic scenes. One of them is his laters scene WE_E: Fluorescence that was broke down on our website – check it out to see Mihai’s skills and workflows. The project is available for purchase.

As for the assets, Mihai has several packs of hard-surface details on his Gumroad: structural components, cables, suspensions, axels and more. These high-quality SUBD-based 3D KitBash Libraries are VFX-friendly due to their quad-based topology mesh carefully crafted to hold up even for extreme close-up shots or high-resolution renders. Not only that but since you also have the assets without the open subdiv modifier applied, you can make easy and fast modifications as you please. These assets can be used for a wide range of mediums, whether you are looking to enhance your turbines, heat exhaustion or joints for the Mech design, looking for an addition to your weapon or simply just looking to add more visual definition to your environments, you can choose from different designs that suit best your needs.

  • Geometry type: High-poly SubD
  • Format: FBX (In order to optimize 3D assembling workflow, the models are in FBX file to maintain their original Pivot coordinates.)
  • Topology: Quad-Based
  • Package: FBX files for both collapsed and not-collapsed meshes (All floaters included), 3ds Max file (All floaters included)

Here’re are a few of the packs:

1 of 3
1 of 3

Tileable Maps, Patterns, and Materials by Travis Davids

Let’s also recap some of the most recent packs by Travis Davids who constantly uploads ultra-helpful tileable displacement/alpha patterns and has just published a 9-hours course covering Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket creation. His packs allow to quickly add surface imperfections, patterns, and other small details that bring that extra drop of realism to your models as well as use ready-made realistic fabric materials out of the box.

Here’re some of the packs:

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