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Hot March Openings for Environment and Concept Artists

Today we've gathered the top job openings in the game industry for environment and concept artists. Check out the career opportunities below and apply if it sounds like you. 

Specific Functions/Activities Summary

  • Brainstorm, R&D, and help implement pipeline workflow
  • You will work with others to establish best practices and documentation around level look, layout and lighting
  • Work with our art director, and character artists to create engaging characters and creatures in multiple styles
  • Create a diverse range of characters on specific elements such as outfits, hairstyles, and facial stylization
  • Design creatures, props, and visual effects concepts
  • Design original concepts that fit within the project style guide
  • Translate high-level ideas into production-ready art packets
  • Enhance existing concepts with detail views, paintovers, turnarounds, and material references
  • Maintain art, while providing a variety of ideas
  • Provide in-depth research, reference material, and develop conceptual ideas
  • Create lighting schemes and color palettes that capture the tone of the world
  • Develop stylistic consistency for all experiences


  • Model, texture, and light game-ready 3D environments using provided concept art or inspirational reference material.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team to solve creative and design problems in VR.
  • Participate in and contribute to R&D, problem solving artistic solutions to technical problems.
  • Proactively keep Leads and Directors informed of progress and developments.

Your mission: 

  • Create! Conceptualize, design, and create a range of concept art assets mostly focusing on buildings, but also including characters, landscapes, and environments to be used as a guide for developing 3D game assets.
  • Contribute! Deliver creative ideas to a living game.
  • Collaborate! Work closely with Game Designers, other Concept Artists, and the Team Lead Art to help devise the game's visual style and direction through concept. Collaborate with a positive attitude within the Art Team in the creation of new concepts and designs.
  • Take action! As one of the main artists, you will be defining the look and feel and strongly contribute to our game's art direction and vision.
  • Explore! Do the research and integrate visual reference into concepts.


  • Work closely with the Design Lead to create high-quality concepts to inspire and raise the visual bar of the project.
  • Working with AAA partners to bring a range of IP (and their unique setting/art direction) into the Virtex Stadium universe
  • Ensure work is delivered timely and according to the specifications of a brief following an established Art Direction.
  • Develop a range of exciting character, prop & environment assets
  • Create stunning environmental art that captures the overall film quality of the games universe

What you’ll do:

  • Work with the virtual production supervisor, art director, and creative director to create and assemble Unreal Engine based environments for both architectural and organic scenes.
  • Visualize, build, and refine 3D landscape content while ensuring cohesion with the Production Design and Look of Show
  • Research references and resources for creation of environment elements while incorporating existing storyboards, concept art, drawings, VFX assets, etc.
  • Troubleshoot levels for optimization in real-time virtual production applications such as LED Volume & Hybrid Virtual Production.

Specific Functions/Activities Summary

  • Work closely with the Art Director and others to maintain stunning visual style and quality
  • Manage the delivery of 3D assets for your level or feature, including creating assets from scratch
  • Create documentation when working with external development teams and feedback on work received
  • Promote and enforce structure, such as naming conventions and documentation
  • Work with leads to design fluid workflows for teammates across multiple disciplines

Your mission:

  • Concept. Conceptualize, design and create a range of concept art assets, mostly focusing on buildings & characters to be used as a guide for developing 3D game assets.
  • Collaborate. Work closely with the Art Director and play an active role in developing and polishing the look & feel of the game.
  • Support. Support our Marketing with visual designs and finished illustrations.
  • Shine. Deliver your results with respect to our production pipeline, art direction & team-internal deadlines.


  • Create high and low poly models for realistic natural environments, magic-tech, man-made environments, props, and details.
  • Scan, process, and enhance photogrammetry assets.
  • Work closely with designers to bring levels and environments from concept to delivery.
  • Create high-quality PBR textures and materials.
  • Collaborate with the art director to maintain consistency between environment art and all other game art.
  • Contribute to planning and design of gameplay spaces.
  • Implement 3D art in Unreal Engine by decorating/lighting scenes and integrating art with game systems. 

Your mission:

  • 3D focus. Convert & interpret 2D concepts into textured real-time 3D models, like buildings, vegetation, and props.
  • Support. Help the art team in building new Stages in Unity, working on Terrain, dressing and lighting.
  • Impress. Create impressive game-ready assets, and apply / improve the art style of our new mobile game.
  • Collaborate. Work cooperatively within an agile, multi-disciplinary team environment, and report to our Team Lead Art.
  • Shine. Deliver your results with respect to our production pipeline, art direction & team-internal deadlines.
  • Organize. Plan and estimate times for your own tasks, and coordinate / communicate with our external partners.

Also, we encourage you to check out more career opportunities on the 80LV Job Board

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