KeyHydra - Enhance Your 3DS Max Experience
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KeyHydra - Enhance Your 3DS Max Experience
17 July, 2018

Take a look at a plugin for 3DS Max called KeyHydra. The tool can greatly enhance the user’s experience, so let’s check it out.

The goals of KeyHydra are:

  • Increase user’s speed and comfort
  • Reduce the number of movements or clicks that the user must make in order to activate 3DSMax’s Tools.
  • Reduce the number of parameters to be set before reaching the desired result.
  • Increase interactivity in the 3D Viewport workspace.

KeyHydra now features 3 public modules:

KeyHydra Shortcuts – Redefines interaction between the user, keyboard, and 3DSMax –> By improving input methods –> Keyboard shortcuts

KeyHydra WheelCtrl – Redefines the way the user interacts with, his mouse and 3DSMax –> By increasing the interactivity in the workspace using the mouse wheel.

KeyHydra LazerCut  – Reinvents the user’s way of modeling objects by Boolean operation [Addition, Trimming, and Subtraction of Material.] –> By increasing interactivity in the workspace and simplifying the process by providing an interface radically simpler by increasing the possibilities offered to the user.

You can learn more about the tool here.  

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