Mari 4.2: Introducing Mirror Projection Features
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честно сказать я в ахуе

finally some good news

by Rodrigo
12 hours ago

Muchas gracias por esto, no sabría como crear algo así :D

Mari 4.2: Introducing Mirror Projection Features
14 September, 2018

Foundry has recently announced a new release of Mari, a popular 3D painting software. The newest build, version 4.2, reveals Mirrored Projection that lets users paint on one side of a mirror plane while Mari projects the same strokes to the other side. Mirror masking is said to prevent secondary projected paint overlapping across the mirror plane for a clean join. 

“Mari 4.2 brings highly-requested Mirror Projection features that dramatically increase artist efficiency, accuracy, and creative control. Artists can work faster, with simultaneous, symmetrical painting workflows. Mirror Masking prevents paint overlapping across the mirror plane. And mirror plane manipulation gives the artist freedom on where symmetrical paint will fall,” states the description.

You can lock the mirror plane onto an object or locator, giving the ability to manipulate and place the reflected edge of the mirror projection.

Mari is available for £1,468 for a perpetual license with one year of maintenance. You can also rent for £499 annually or £49 monthly. You can learn more about the new release on Foundry’s website.

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