Markerless Motion Capture with EasyMocap, Blender, Maya & UE5

YouTube channel AK3Dfx demonstrated some cool mocap tests and shared a comprehensive 2-part guide on using EasyMocap.

Have a look at these amazing markerless motion capture tests shared by Indian YouTuber AK3Dfx a couple of months ago. To set up the test, the author utilized two 60 FPS PlayStation Eye cameras, EasyMocap, an open-source toolbox for markerless human motion capture from RGB videos, Mocap Import plug-in for Blender, and the Unreal Live Link plug-in that lets you stream animation data from Maya to Unreal Engine. Please note that these tests were not captured in real-time and, according to the creator, required some cleanup and camera calibration.

What's more, the YouTuber has released an in-depth 2-part guide on installing and using EasyMocap. You can check the guide down below or by visiting the AK3Dfx YouTube channel.

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