Meet Crypto Games Conference 2018
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San Antonio US   18, Jan — 21, Jan
London GB   21, Jan — 23, Jan
Taipei TW   24, Jan — 29, Jan
Zürich CH   31, Jan — 4, Feb
Leamington Spa GB   31, Jan — 3, Feb
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by Frank
7 hours ago

Is there any way i can tweak the colors dynamically through another blueprint? I tried with the "get all actors of class" function and setting the colors of the clouds by a timeline, everything else connected to the timeline does its thing but the volumetric clouds wouldn't change. Are the properties somehow fix?

by Ronnie Ochero
10 hours ago

Hi, what version of blender does this work with?

by anonymous
15 hours ago

Yeah this is good but it doenst capture the 2d look it still looks 3d. How about copying the movement of 2d animation because this looks way too smooth. 1 example is using the classic by twos which most studios do or also use 24 fps to really capture the 2d feel

Meet Crypto Games Conference 2018
3 October, 2018

Crypto Games Conference is a rather young event devoted to the cryptocurrency and video games which makes it unique and interesting in the field of CG events. The aim of the summit is claimed to unite the worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other cutting-edge technologies, discuss the profound implications of their convergence, and discover the new opportunities that result from their synergies.

This time the international Crypto Games Conference will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk on October 17-18. The second international conference for crypto games developers will gather 6OO professionals from 25 countries. More than 1OO game projects will be presented, and DApp games will get unique opportunities. 45 speakers, only the most topical talks. CGC Awards, CGC Showcase, a new format of networking Pitch and Match and much more at a two-day summit.

4 main directions:

  • Crypto Games

The leading developers will reveal their strategies, tactics and secrets of business and marketing in crypto games, as well as analysis, post-release reviews, and post-mortems of their games and services. General market trends will be discussed and debated in talks and board panels with the participation of the leading experts of the blockchain and games industry.

  • Crypto gaming services

The speakers are the leading developers of gaming services who will hold talks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies usage in services as well as their impact on the global gaming industry.

  • Gaming

The heads of the companies will share their experience in integration of cryptocurrencies, as well as in the creation of new services in the gaming industry. Talks about regulation and provision issues will take part.

  • Crypto funds and platforms

The key crypto funds will attend the conference to discover new, high potential projects and their teams. They will be available for private meetings and presentations.

CGC Awards is the first ceremony in the history of the industry, where the best games and game projects will be selected. Teams that are showcased in the CGC Conference will participate in the CGC Awards contest, with the addition of those teams that had submitted the application.


  • Best DApp game
  • Best crypto game project
  • Best crypto gaming project

Also a special CGC Award will be presented.

Pitch and Match is a new format for networking. Every game, crypto game or gaming project has a chance to get investment from investment funds and private investors. 2O projects will be selected for three-minute pitching meetings.

The teams with the experience of one year and more will be able to present their Alpha/Beta products. It could be crypto games or services using smart contracts or cryptocurrencies/tokens.

Crypto Games Conference Showcase is an exhibition of crypto games developers. The organizers of the conference will provide 5O! free stands for the most interesting and promising games.

The authors of the Alpha/Beta versions of crypto games using smart contracts and/or cryptocurrencies/tokens can personally head their stands. These people will receive 1 free ticket, as well as a 5O% discount on tickets for all team members, and, of course, they will be able to take part in the CGC Awards.

The first Crypto Games Conference held on May 11 in Kiev has been visited by representatives of Spells of Genesis, PUBG, Waves,, AxiomZen (ryptoKitties), DAO.Casino, WAX, DMarket, Bitguild, True Flip, RAWG, EverdreamSoft, Terra Virtua, DiceyBit, RocksPro, Tokenized Games, DappRadar, Decentraland, Crypto Bit Games, EtherZero, Waves, and many others.

See speeches of speakers of the Crypto Games Conference in Kiev on the Youtube channel of the conference:


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