MODO 10.1 to Be Released Soon
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Excellent overview of unreal Ray-Tracing stuff, thank you! Any chance you can add the scene to the asset pack?

So what's exactly the advantage? good would be a direct comparison to known renderers

MODO 10.1 to Be Released Soon
4 May, 2016

The Foundry announced that MODO 10.1 – the second installment of the MODO 10 Series is about to be released. It is stated that the next version introduces a powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that works side by side with MODO’s best-in-class direct modeling toolset. This installment allows developers to iterate more freely, create more variations in less time, and respond to change requirements without having to start from scratch.

Traditionally, modeling operations and mesh edits in MODO were direct to the mesh; once a change had been made and had been committed to the mesh, any history or knowledge of that change was not maintained. This immediate and direct approach to modeling has enabled MODO to become one of the best and fastest freeform design tools out there. However, for certain modeling processes, you’ll need to make changes to have access to infinite variations. It’s the combination of these two modeling approaches that creates one of the most innovative creative exploration process found today.

Our main goal with this initial release is to build a better modeling stack approach within MODO. There is much more to it than just that—this robust new system is being developed to support presets, third-party development, and a nodal relationship graph as well.

The Foundry

Sneak peek at the procedural modeling system in MODO 10.1:

But wait, there’s more! MODO 10.1 will be released as public beta later this week!

This Friday, additional details on how to get on the beta will be announced. Users need to have a license of MODO 10.0 registered under their community/TF account in order to be eligible.

And here are some videos on the MODO 10.1 release:

As a special bonus here is a new sneak peek at what is possible when you combine the procedural modeling tools with MeshFusion. In this video, and attached images, Darrel Anderson demonstrates a Profile Intersection kit that was built using the new procedural modeling tools, B-splines, sweeps, and additional enhancements to MeshFusion strip properties. The Profile Intersection kit is only an example of what can be built with this robust new system, and will be released as example content with MODO 10.1.

The Foundry

Sneak peak:

Source: The Foundry Community

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