Mysterious Harry Potter Title
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finally some good news

by Rodrigo
7 hours ago

Muchas gracias por esto, no sabría como crear algo así :D

Hell yeah

Mysterious Harry Potter Title
2 October, 2018

Have you heard about the leaked Harry Potter game? First of all, BBC News reporter and renowned Potter fan Lizo Mzimba states that it could be called Magic Awakened or Magic Forever. 

It all started with footage claiming to be of an under-wraps Harry Potter project appearing online. Different sources state that the PRG project is indeed real and currently in development.

The footage originally appeareRedditeddit courtesy of VapeThisBro, who wrote: “do you think a random internet stoner would have the skills and patience to create this video?” 

Warner Bros. has now removed the footage on YouTube, but you could still find it online. 

Someone has also shared a description of the game which mentions a 19th century setting starring a fifth year student who joins Hogwarts as a late arrival. Players will be able to curse “dark wizards” and “goblins”, choose from eight characters, act good or evil. 

Some have said that Rocksteady might be behind the game – which is logical since it is a British studio, which is owned by Harry Potter game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, but Eurogamer states that this is not the case. 

There’s also a theory regarding Avalanche Software, but we’ll have to wait for more details. Stay tuned! 

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