New Substance Painter Release
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by Joshua Robbins
52 min ago

Incredible, I love this so much. I'm glad someone out there decides to go make older games like this in newer engines. Great work!

Firstly,Amazing work !! But a doubt..for the background thing mentioned of using a mesh with zero edges which helps out in covering up the repetition process..what is it?..any detailed description please.

by Valerie Lynn Milano
23 hours ago

Quite fantastic. I am a friend of Grayson Wixom and have an entertainment publication and am trying to get one of my journalists to interview you.

New Substance Painter Release
20 November, 2018

The Substance team has presented a new version of Substance Painter which improves the core experience. The update brings viewport upgrades, new UI helpers, an enhanced symmetry tool, proper 2D view export and a huge boost in performance.

The team continues on their path to full UV tile support and the update includes a completely rewritten memory and texture management system which means lower recommended specs and the ability to load an enormous amount of data in the tool. Don’t plan to work with large assets? You can still enjoy the noticeable leap forward in performance.

What is more, you can now freely move the symmetry axis using a 3D manipulator or through the new symmetry panel. The newest version also brings the display of the symmetry plane as an intersection with the mesh or a preview of your brush’s symmetrical clone.

There are now ways to easily differentiate parts of your layer stack. A new color swatch in the layer’s contextual menu is said to allow the addition of color accents to folders and layers.

Make sure to check out the full breakdown of the newest version here

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