Octopus for 3ds Max Released
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Octopus for 3ds Max Released
3 May, 2018

Rapid Tools has presented Octopus which is a new octal menu system for 3DS Max. The toolkit features a visual set up utility to create custom octal menus with the ability to search for functions, adjust colors, add symbols. What is more, it allows users to create and add octal menus as macros, to preview the possible end result of a menu option when the mouse hovers over it, and more.


Easy Setup. Octopus has a really simple setup menu. Here you can set up your menus using a search bar, can easily filter the actions that you want to use. If you have found what you are looking for, just simply drag’n drop to the button!

Drag’n Drop Install. The installation is very easy! Just start 3dsmax and drop the downloaded “.MZP” file into the viewport. Then click through the installation process… After that, the Octopus Menu appears on the main menu bar!

Easy Usage. After you set up your newly created Octopus, your last thing is to save it, then click on the “Create Octopus” Button. This will create the macro file for you which you can then bind to a hotkey using Customize menu. Here you have to search for your menu inside the Octopus Category!

Preview Mode. One of the features other pie menus can’t do. In this mode the system simply previewing the possible end result of the action you hover over your cursor. If you accept the result, just Commit by clicking on it.

Repeat Last. Octopus also remembers the last action you have chosen, so next time you don’t have to click on the button again, just hit the space button and Octopus will run the command.

Stack. By clicking the shift button, you can force Octopus to stay on top after an action has occurred. This way you can repeat actions, without reopening Octopus. With preview mode, using shift all the commands will stack on top of each other than you can commit to your last action by hitting that button. 

Octopus would cost you €35. You can get more details on the Rapid Tools website.

Source: rapidmxs.com

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