Online Bootcamp for Environment Artists
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Online Bootcamp for Environment Artists
16 May, 2017
The Game Arts Institute, a site by Ryan Kingslien and Travis Bourbeau, has a nice course that can help you become a skilled environment artist. A 12-week-long online bootcamp can teach you the skills you need to start a career in games from the comfort of your own home. Microsoft, Ubisoft, ArenaNet and other well-known companies hired this bootcamp’s alumni, so it might really help you land a job in the game industry. 

The curriculum is focused on the skills, and the workflows that you will be using as an environment artist in the industry today. You will receive mentorship to help you fine-tune your portfolio, interview skills and job search strategy in order to increase the number of game art job offers received 

The course will help you build a strong portfolio that reflects your value in the job market with one-on-one mentorship. The mentors will also offer guidance in evaluating job offers and negotiating terms before job acceptance.


Week 1 – 3: Reference, Setting Up A Grid System & Modularity

Develop your style guide with reference. Begin planning out your scene and establishing the correct space for a modular workflow. Then begin to create your modular 3D geometry.

Week 4 – 6: Texturing, Trim Sheets & Uv’s

Setup UVs and begin blocking out the textures to get a sense of color balance & mood.  Then develop your Trim Sheets to add detail to your environment.

Week 7 – 9: High Poly, Low Poly & Weathering

Create a focal point for your scene by sculpting, texturing and baking a specific, unique asset to anchor your environment.

Week 10 – 12: Set Dressing, Mood & Post Processing

Add variety to your scene be creating props and with set dressing.  Establish the mood with lighting and really plus your final presentation with post processing workflows.



Melissa Altobello from Sucker Punch Productions, Shawnell Priester from 343 Industries, Ken Fairclough from Bioware, Eytan Zana from Naughty Dog and other experienced specialists will help you master the environment art.

The course will course will cost you $2400, but you can break your payment up into three month installments.

You can find more details on the bootcamp here


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Christen Smith
Christen Smith

It’s over 72 hours of training in a 12 week course, which is actually a lot of in-class time when you do the math. In addition, both Ryan and Travis are some of the top names in the industry and have a TON of experience under their belts collectively, in addition to the instructor roster being full of seasoned professionals. On top of that, the professionals are readily available for questioning afterward and it seems like they’re also training in terms of interviewing and job searching. I can tell you right now this is worth every penny and haven’t even… Read more »

Troy Harris
Troy Harris

The advertisement says it’s a twelve week course, so no, not 72 hrs.


2400$ for 72 hour? Are you seriously?