Polyraven UV Script for Maya

Check out a useful UV tool for Maya.

Polyraven UV is a MEL script for Maya which helps users unwrap hard-surface geometries. Using the tool, you can deal with the distribution and layout of the UV shells much faster. "It includes checker materials, and error checking functions, which can relatively quickly find: flipped, overlapping, incorrectly positioned and missing UVs," states the description.

The developer has been working on it since the beginning of 2017. It works in MAYA 2018 and later, and with limited functionality in MAYA 2017 and earlier.


  • Organized Automatic Distribution and Layout, based on: selection, uvShells, or hierarchy with many options including Randomization.
  • Transform UVs of heavy geometries without selecting the UVs
  • Fit UVs to one UDIMM or UV Tile.
  • Texel density, by uvShell or entire selection (Maya 2018+)
  • Transfer UVs to multiple geometries at once
  •  Project UVs and Transfer shape based on UVs
  • Orient UVShells to multiple geometries at once, with options to point to the same direction in 3D/World space, or be Vertical or Horizontal in 2D/UV space.

You can learn more and get the tool here

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Polyraven UV Script for Maya